AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-260.2.0HEADv0.2.0masterJan Wolff
2020-05-26correctly spawn multiple tcp listeners for each addressJan Wolff
2020-05-26correctly adhere to spec in most request casesJan Wolff
2020-05-24handle empty paths in requestJan Wolff
2020-05-20correctly use CR/LF line endings for textfilesJan Wolff
2020-05-19more documentationJan Wolff
2020-05-17some loggingJan Wolff
2020-05-17update readme, default configuration pathJan Wolff
2020-05-17config file supportJan Wolff
2020-05-17cargo fmt :/Jan Wolff
2020-05-17update readmeJan Wolff
2020-05-17mime type handling and setuid/setgid supportJan Wolff
2020-05-17configuration options, error handlingJan Wolff
2020-05-17working file servingJan Wolff
2020-05-16some error codes in handlerJan Wolff
2020-05-16architecture changesJan Wolff
2020-05-15move to a modular designJan Wolff
2020-05-14initial commitJan Wolff